NHW Breaks Shatters the Mold as We Present GRAND SLAM 2014!

New Heights Wrestling proudly presents our flagship annual event, Grand Slam 2014!

WHAT: New Heights Wrestling’s Grand Slam 2014
WHERE: Florida National Guard Armory…3121 Lisenby Ave…Panama City, Florida
WHEN: Saturday, August 9…Bell time is 7:30PM
WHY: The hottest pro wrestling in America!
TO BUY TICKETS: Click here

This is our Super Bowl, our Wrestlemania, our World Series, our Masters Tournament! This is not just the biggest New Heights event of the year, it’s biggest event of New Heights history!

Get tickets now before they’re all gone! They’re going fast! Click the image below or the link...

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Zane Stevens Is Robbed by Christopher Slade & Hoss Bryant

SladeStevensEmily Stevens is a precious, blonde, five-year-old little girl. She’s also the apple of NHW superstar Zane Stevens’ eye.

She is, after all, Zane Stevens’ only daughter.

Little Emily is a perfect little girl. She loves to play dress up, help her mom bake, and play Jenga blocks with her dad on the living room floor.

She means the world to Zane Stevens.

But there’s one problem.

Emily Stevens was born with a major heart defect.

And if the defect isn’t surgically repaired, doctors have given the litte girl less than a year left to live on this Earth.

It’s been a very bad year for Zane Stevens and h...

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Barley Calls Facen a “Paper Champion”

The ancient chinese have a term for something that seems threatening but in reality is weak and unable to withstand a challenge.

A paper tiger.

So when New Heights Wrestling titan “Scarface” Waylon Barley, former NHW heavyweight champion and former NHW tag team champion, called Mike Facen a “paper champion,” he was, effectively, throwing down the gauntlet.

He was saying that Mike Facen is a false champion, a weak champion who, according to Barley, only has the belt because he got lucky when he defeated Paul Jordane.

“Yeah, he got lucky,” Barley said...

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New Heights Wrestling Proudly Announces Its Next Live Spectacular: COUNTERATTACK

New Heights Wrestling proudly announces the date for its next live spectacular and TV taping, Counterattack.

This event showcases a triple ringer spectacular — effectively three main events in one show.

After savagely attacking superstar Shane Gibson by breaking a champagne bottle over his head, former New Heights Wrestling heavyweight champion Paul Jordane — per orders of the NHW Commissioner Thomas Martin — must face and defeat Gibson if he wants to receive his rematch against champion Mike Facen...

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Paul Jordane Savagely Breaks Champagne Bottle Over Shane Gibson’s Head

In what probably was the most shocking and bizarre incident in New Heights Wrestling’s seven year history, former NHW heavyweight champion Paul Jordane savagely assaulted former tag team champion Shane Gibson by striking him over the head with a full champagne bottle.

The incident occurred during the taping of an episode of New Heights Wrestling Television.

The attack was ostensibly precipitated by a video segment Shane Gibson had shot weeks earlier depicting him celebrating the Paul Jordane’s loss of the NHW heavyweight championship to Mike Facen.

Before losing the title, Jordane had been the...

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New Heights Wrestling Proudly Presents THE BRINK OF GLORY

Now’s the time to make your plans, fans, to attend NHW’s latest live spectacular, The Brink of Glory. This is a show not to be missed! The action has been really heating up at New Heights, and it’s all slated to boil over!

In the main event, for the first time ever, “Scarface” Waylon Barley — the man who stands 6′ 6″ and can lift the back end of a Ford F150 pickup truck — will challenge “Mr. Handle That” Mike Facen for the New Heights Wrestling heavyweight championship!

Also on tap — the Future of Professional Wrestling, Paul Jordane as he continues his obsessed quest to recapture the NHW cham...

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Mike Facen Wins NHW Championship!

Victory, at last.

New Heights Wrestling has a new champion. A new face representing the league. A new ambassador.

Mike Facen has defeated Paul Jordane for the NHW heavyweight championship.

The road to victory was a long one for “Mr. Handle That.” It all started with a meltdown between him and his former longtime tag team partner and best friend, Alexander Johnson.

That those two men ever formed a successful tag team was a wonder unto itself. No two men could be further unalike...

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NHW Announces Its Next Live Spectacular: THE BRINK OF GLORY

It’s official!

The titan “Scarface” Waylon Barley will wrestle NHW champion “Mr. Handle That” Mike Facen for the title on March 15, 2014!

These are exciting times for New Heights Wrestling. Developments are happening faster than they can be reported.

This sure-to-be unforgettable main event for the coveted New Heights heavyweight championship will go down on Saturday, March 15, at 7PM, as NHW proudly presents its latest live extravaganza, The Brink of Glory!

We cordially invite you to be our guest! Come join us for an electric, andrenaline-charged night of pro wrestling action!

WHAT: New Heigh...

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NHW’s Elite 8 Tournament a Huge Success

New Heights Wresting’s latest live spectacular, The Elite 8 Tournament, was a huge success. All seats were sold and many fans paid admission for standing room only.

The show featured NHW’s once-a-year eight man tournament to crown a new number one contender.

We here at New Heights Wrestling want to thank all the dedicated fans of NHW for their support!

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Scarface Waylon Barley Is Sheer Power

“I think you’re full of it,” I said.

“No I’m not. I’m dead serious,” Hoss Bryant said back to me.

“A Ford F150?”

“Yep. Ford F150.”

“I don’t believe you,” I said, remaining incredulous.

“Let’s bet,” Bryant said with a cocky sneer on his face.

“How much?”

“One hundred dollars.”

“Fine,” I said. “You’re on.”

So what were we betting on, you ask? We were in the middle of promo shoots for New Heights Wrestling Television, and Hoss Bryant was telling me that former NHW heavyweight champion “Scarface” Waylon Barley could deadlift the back end of a Ford F150 off the ground.

I wasn’t buying it.

After all...

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