Paul Jordane Survives the Challenge of Mike Facen


It was the match that was billed “A Clash of Titans.” It was predicted to be the biggest, most exciting match in New Heights Wrestling’s six year history. It was sold as an epic showdown between two monster performers, both of whom were determined the be the king of a promotion, the lead dog, the top draw.

It delivered.

Make no mistake — without a shred of doubt, the main event of this past Saturday’s NHW Fan Appreciation Day was the greatest match in the promotion’s proud history. Paul Jordane accepted the challenge of the white hot superman named Mike Facen.

And somehow, almost inexplicably, Jordane escaped with his title intact.

The story of how Jordane won this match is as involved as it is exciting. So many developments had to come into perfect alignment for Jordane to defeat Facen the way he did that it’s possible Jordane may be the luckiest man alive right now.

Let’s begin at the beginning.

Two months ago, Paul Jordane was in a title match against challenger Scotty Rayz. As the match was nearing its climax, Jordane, frustrated by senior official Danny Wright’s insistence on enforcing the rules, attacked Wright. The incident sparked much controversy, and Jordane was levied a stiff fine and a strong censure from the league office.

When the match between Jordane and Mike Facen was booked, the league announced that the contest would again be officiated by Danny Wright. Jordane and his agents protested this decision, claiming Wright would be unable to remain impartial in calling the match. The Facen camp, however, wanted Wright to officiate the match and the head offices stuck to their guns — Wright would be the zebra for this epic showdown.

Now it’s no secret that Paul Jordane and “Mr. Handle That” Mike Facen do not like each other. Rivers of bad blood oozed between these two behemoths in the months leading up to this match. A fistfight nearly broke out as the two got up in each other’s face and went nose-to-nose before the ring introductions were even finished.

So when the bell rang, it was on. It was like a world war had broken out between to superpowers bent on each other’s destruction. At points in the match it seemed like each man was more interested in hurting his opponent than winning the title.

Back and forth it went. Before the match there were questions over whether Facen would be able to execute his signature power moves on the 6′ 6″, 250 pound champion. But he quickly put those questions to rest, executing slam after slam, suplex after suplex. At one point, Facen even did a bit of showing off by elevating Jordane into a standing vertical suplex and then, while holding him straight up, performing multiple deep leg squats — all to the delight of his throngs of fans at ringside.

As the match wore on, Jordane appeared to get frustrated by his inability to pin Facen. Worse yet, after multiple heroic pinfall escapes, Facen was able to turn the tables on Jordane, coming within a fraction of a second of pinning him.

This is where Jordane’s history with senior official Danny Wright came into play.

After escaping a near fall, Jordane rolled out of the ring, reached into the audience, and stole a fan’s chair. He then carried the chair back into the ring, seemingly intent on using it on Facen. But Wright caught him in the act and admonished him. So Jordane reluctantly complied with Wright’s order to get rid of the chair, but not entirely. This is where the officiating became questionable. Instead of forcing Jordane to give up the chair and then removing it from the ring, Wright allowed Jordane to just drop the chair in his corner.

Jordane turned back to Facen, who pressed the attack on Jordane. So Jordane went back and grabbed the chair again. This time Wright took the chair from Jordane and turned to hand it to security personnel at ringside. While his back was turned, however, Jordane hit Facen with an obvious low blow to the groin and scored the pinfall.

Members of Facen’s camp are now protesting the decision. Questions are being raised about why the chair was allowed to stay in Jordane’s corner to begin with. Why didn’t Wright remove the chair immediately when Jordane brought it into the ring? Was Wright walking on eggshells because he was afraid of being attacked by Jordane again?

To put it simply, Jordane stole the victory. When asked later if he had taken a shortcut in securing the win, Jordane employed his typical obfuscatory oratory: “Shortcut? I got the three count, didn’t I? The referee did count to three, right? Had I taken a shortcut, I would have been declared the winner when the referee counted two, right?”

Facen, on the other hand, was so disgusted with the outcome, he was almost speechless. “This is wrong. Just wrong,” he said, shaking his head in fuming frustration.

As this story is going to publication, we have been informed by league officials that the tape of the match is under review.