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Welcome! Thanks so much for considering sponsoring New Heights Wrestling TV! New Heights Wrestling is fast becoming America’s top emerging professional wrestling organization. Our television show now airs on WPGX, Fox 28, in Panama City and several other stations throughout the nation. Our show is family-friendly and we are completely committed to delivering our audience top quality programming every single week. We’re growing rapidly, and we invite you to come grow with us!

Take a look around! On this page you’ll learn more about who we are, what our show is about, our sponsorship packages, our advertising rates, and what you get in return for your sponsorship investment. You can even watch an episode of our show and sample the production quality of commercials we’ve produced for other advertising partners.



Our show is family-friendly — no harsh language, no vulgarity, no off-color humor, and no gratuitous violence. Our focus is on exciting, high tempo pro wrestling action and exceptional story telling. We showcase traditional “Good Guy vs. Bad Guy” stories that are highly entertaining and serial in nature. We put heavy emphasis on quality production values and edge-of-your-seat cliffhangers so that our audience will be drawn to tune in every week. As a New Heights advertising partner, you can rest assured you’re sponsoring high quality programming that’s suitable for the entire family. Would you like to watch a sample episode? Just click here.



We understand that you have many options when it comes to your advertising dollar, so why should you sponsor New Heights Wrestling TV? Two very simple yet compelling reasons: Because it’s highly effective and it’s extremely affordable. We deliver some of the greatest value you’ll find anywhere for you money. And as Forbes magazine reported online this past May, almost two-thirds of all advertising dollars spent by major media buyers was spent on television advertisements. Advertising on TV works! And with our best-value sponsorship program, each ad on our show costs less than $10 per spot. Less than $10 per spot!



We know that when our sponsors succeed, we succeed. So when it comes to cross-promotion, we’re all for it. Sponsoring New Heights Wrestling doesn’t just get you commercials on our TV show; it comes with an assortment of promotional activities that we deliver for you beyond just television — banner placement and microphone endorsements at our live events, web banners on our website and Facebook page, and free show tickets that you can sell at your place of business to increase your walk-in traffic. Sound good? Keep reading for more details!



We want you to maximize your return on the advertising dollars you spend with us, so we offer a package of promotional benefits to do just that.

Commercials. Each of our sponsorship packages come with a number of commercials per episode of our show. Repetition leads to success; that’s why we show your commercial multiple times per episode to really drive your message home.

Banner Placement. You provide us a banner for your business and we will hang it in the building at our live events.

Microphone Endorsements. Buy any sponsorship package and our ring announcer will endorse your business over the microphone at our live events!

Ticket Sales. We provide you with a number of free event tickets — based on your sponsorship level — that you can sell at your place of business. You keep 100% of the ticket sales and you benefit for increased walk-in traffic to your establishment!



Great question! Here’s our current rate sheet:




So you don’t have a commercial already produced for your business? No problem! Your sponsorship includes the production of one free commercial! Take a look for yourself at some of the other commercials our in-house production team has produced for our other business partners:

Commercial for Republic Wireless
Commercial for Barley’s Military Surplus
Commercial for New Heights Wrestling Live Event



So why not give us a call? We’re excited to talk with you! Call us at (850) 710-0676. Or email us at sales@newheightswrestling.com. We want to earn your business!

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